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Salon and Spa Etiquette

Salon and Spas are great places to visit to enjoy quiet time, tranquility, and relaxation.  The following are some tips to ensure a great day at the Salon and Spa.

*Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to relax, unwind, and double-check the starting times for your services. This may also be a great time to pay in advance to ensure total relaxation from beginning to end, without having to take the time to do so at the end of your service.  Do a walk-through or ask for a tour so that you will become familiar with our spa and room locations. Once you start enjoying your adventure, you won't want to be bothered with looking for your next service location or the rest room.

*Make sure you leave your cell phone in the car! You don't want to hear it ringing, and neither does anyone else. Remember, speak in hushed tones. Be quiet for your own relaxation and for others.

*Let your technician know about any concerns, skin sensitivities, or medical conditions that you might have. Share your preferences as to the pressure, lighting, steam, pace, music, temperature, and products. Let the staff know how to make and keep you comfortable.

The following things will make your day at the Spa or Salon more enjoyable:

*Take a favorite book or magazine.
*Drink a lot of water.
*Take sandals for wet treatments or pedicures. (disposable flip flops are offered but not always as sturdy as your own.)
*Eat a healthy meal and drink water two hours before services.
*Let your technician know if you are wearing contact lenses.
*Don't bring children (unless they are scheduled for a service) or pets.
*Don't shave right before your visit; leave at least two hours between shaving and a service. 
*Don't talk about your angst and negative situations in your life; relax and think of good thoughts! 


Salon and Spa tipping

Tipping at a salon and/or spa can be a very confusing process, not to mention a substantial expense.  Industry standards are ever changing and businesses vary from place to place.

Current tipping or gratis for a professional service in the beauty or spa industry may range from 15% to 20% to specialized technicians in their field and from 10%to 15% to attendants, hosts and assistants.  That being the case, there are sometimes more than one salon or spa staff member to consider. 

Park Avenue Salon & Spa will no longer be adding an automatic 20% gratuity to services and will no longer run gratuity on credit cards. We will be accepting gratis in the form of cash or check written directly to the service provider. 
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